About Josh


I’ve been fishing in local tournaments for the past ten years, and the professional trails for the past four. I have learned a lot on the professional circuit, and in some ways I have learned more life lessons than anything about technique. I have made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I am a better fisherman for it, and honestly, a better husband and dad as well.

When someone loves what they do, they never “work” a day in their life. And when you find something you love, you don’t do it for the paycheck, you do it because it’s your passion. That’s how I feel about fishing. I was born to be a fisherman. It is simply who I am.

When you find something you love, you don’t do it for the paycheck, you do it because it’s your passion.

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, AL, and by all means, am a southern boy. I love the Auburn Tigers (and am loving our turn around season!) and SEC football; I love hunting with my dad, eating BBQ, and drinking sweet tea. It may seem cliché, but it’s who I am. There’s nothing fancy about me, but I’m loyal and trustworthy and true to my word, and in this day and age, I think those things count for a lot.

I love everything about fishing. I love talking about it. I love taking people out for their first time. I love swapping stories. I love spending the day on the lake. I love sharing my passion with others. Yes, there are long days, and some discouraging days on the lake, but those down times don’t even begin to compare with the thrill that comes from setting the hook on a big one.

When someone asks me about my life, the first thing I think about is my two girls – Gracie and Emma. Those girls are the joy of my life and the best things that have ever happened to me, along with my wife Meredith. We’ve had quite a journey in life together, but what we have learned along the way is that there no adversity, or trial, or distance that can ever separate us. There is a bond and commitment that goes far beyond what words could ever express, and it’s her love, commitment and faith in who I am that has helped me step out and follow my dreams to become a pro bass fisherman.

Gracie is a light and joy, full of life and energy. Her smile brightens my day. And Emma, well, Emma is the most stubborn, hard-headed, strong-willed child I have ever met – but with the sweetest, softest heart. She is an interesting combination of fire and ice and boy does she have my number.

Those three are my pride and joy, and they are what make life worth living.