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Insert: Cuss Word

Seriously. As much as I would want to post a powerful quote about the journey or scripture about the trial of our faith being more precious than gold, all I felt when Josh sent me the ZERO text was: “Well, shit.”

It’s real. It’s real life and as much as I, at times, want to have it all together, it’s hard seeing a person you are rooting so hard to make it post a goose egg for day 1 of a huge tournament.

It’s hard to take a step back in the emotions of the moment and see the GOOD in how the day unfolded. But, what I can truthfully say--now that I am a day removed--is that this is exactly what we have prayed for.

Fishing is a different sport than your traditional ones--fishing is a gamble up front in hopes of a huge return on the back end. Thousands of dollars go into one tournament before an angler even hits the water--entry fees, travel expenses, equipment, boat payments, etc. And the higher the level of fishing, the more expenses up front.

Back in August, Josh qualified to fish the FLW Pro Tour next year (MLF BIG 5 for 2021). What neither of us expected was for him to be in contention to also make the Bassmaster Elite Tour for 2021. BASS gives the top 4 in points at the end of the Bassmaster Central Opens an invite for the Elite Tour. The competition is tough in both divisions to even qualify for a pro tour, let alone to be consistent enough on lakes around the country, against the best anglers in the country on their home lakes to finish in a top spot. Both the Opens and Toyota Series have the elite anglers competing in those tournaments, so it’s somewhat of a taste of the competition at the highest level.

We knew it would be a long shot, but coming into this last Open Josh was sitting 7th in points with minimal ground to go to qualify. Just a top 20 finish could put him there.

Josh and I are a team--and cussing aside--we prayed for God to clearly give us an answer for direction in 2021. It would be another huge sacrifice to try and fish both tours without a title sponsor (anyone out there looking to sponsor an elite fisherman, I know one), yet we were committed to following through on whatever God allowed to happen. At the end of the day, we want to follow God’s will and not what we want, which can get all wrapped up together sometimes. We asked, and however God chooses to answer today, we will live with that.

God’s given us so much to be grateful for--and if the one thing we have to complain about is fishing a pro tour and the Bassmaster Opens again next year, then I think we are doing okay. See y’all at the weigh in!

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Nov 22, 2020

LOVE ❤️ The Josh Bragg Fishing Co. team! On the journey with you all, wherever it takes you. A fan for life!


Nov 21, 2020

So proud of you all

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