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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Finally get a chance to slow down a sec and reflect back on the last couple weeks chasing a dream and those elusive green fish (aka Bass)!

Started off fishing the last FLW Toyota series event of the year on Lake Neely Henry. There was a lot on the line there. I was in position to have a shot at winning Angler of the Year and more importantly was in position to qualify for the FLW Tour for 2021. Fishing at a professional level has always been a dream of mine since I can remember. At times it has seemed as if that's all it would be, just a dream. God knew when would be the right time, though.

At the end of that tournament, I felt as if I had let both of those opportunities slip through my fingertips. God had a different plan. As tough as the tournament was and subpar as my performance was, God saw it as the time for me to have the opportunity to move up to another level and I qualified for the 2021 FLW PRO TOUR!

I immediately had to leave for Texas the next day for the second stop of the Bassmaster Central Opens on Lake Sam Rayburn. This tournament is stacked full of 225 of the best anglers in the country, many which have already established themselves in the fishing industry and many of which I have looked up to and watched from a very young age. I had a great week there, finished 28th out of 225, got a good check and most importantly moved up to 12th in the points. Would love to qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series trail also. That would top off an already great year!

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