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Sam Rayburn Bass Open

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

This was a tournament of uncontrollable missed opportunities. 

Going into this tournament, from my research I knew there would basically 2 patterns that would historically play. 

Shallow grass and deep brush piles. Sam Rayburn is known for those 2 patterns. I spent the first day of practice looking shallow and was able to find a couple shallow areas that I could catch fish but didn't think I could catch over 12lbs doing that and knew that wouldn't cut it. 

The next 2 practice days I spent offshore looking for deep brush piles. In those 2 days I found around 300 brush piles and was able to find some that were holding quality fish. I caught one fish in practice out of one of the piles that weighed over 8lbs.

I spent my tournament fishing deep brush piles. The problem was the first day I lost my biggest bite that looked to be in the 7lb range and the second day I lost 3 that was in the 5-6 lb range. It's really hard to recover from those types of missed opportunities. 

I ended up in 28th place and moved up to 12th in points and only 26 points out of the top 4, which would qualify for the Bassmaster Elite series. 

Next up is Lake Neely Henry and another opportunity to move up the points ladder! 

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