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The Season Begins

Here we are the first week of February and the first tournament of the year starts tomorrow! Excited is an understatement!

I'm fishing the Alabama B.A.S.S Federation Nation tournament on Lake Guntersville.

I've had success through the years in late winter on Lake Guntersville, but I have also had some sub-par finishes.

Late winter/early spring can be a very finicky time of year to fish, as weather plays a huge role this time of year.

Fish want to start their transition to the bank to prepare for the spawn but with every passing weather front, it can make them do a variety of things. They can feed really aggressively with an approaching front and can shut completely down after the front passes through.

I've had decent practice this week and with the somewhat mild winter we've had, I've found some fish that are pretty shallow for this time of year.

We do have a front that is moving in tonight, with potential snow/rain, that will be here around the time we blast off in the morning.

Hopefully our pattern will hold up and fish will be biting aggressively as the weather moves through tomorrow!

Finished 4th

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